Digital Dental X-Rays

    What are digital dental X-rays? Dental X-rays create an image that looks beyond the surface of the teeth and gums. In traditional radiography, an X-ray machine produces a form of radiation in the shape of a beam that is directed to a specific area of the mouth. The beam passes through the body […]

Diabetes and your dental health

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired and the body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in the blood. If you or someone you love lives with diabetes, you know that diabetes can wreak havoc on the entire body. […]

Sjögren’s syndrome

  Sjögren’s disease Sjögren’s (show-grins) syndrome is a systemic autoimmune disease.  It is one of the most common autoimmune diseases, affecting as many as 4 million Americans. It is characterized by inflammation and dysfunction of the glands that produce saliva and tears. Although it can occur in all age groups and genders, nine out of […]

Teeth Whitening

        Are your pearly whites a little less pearly….and white than you would like them to be? Do you wish for a brighter smile but are unsure of which teeth whitening method is right for you? Have no fear, Dr. Leslie Anthony can help you with all of your whitening needs. There […]

Periodontal Disease

What is Periodontal Disease? Periodontal disease also known as gum disease is an inflammatory disease that affects primarily the gums.  Types of disease range from a gum infection that causes swelling and bleeding of the gums all the way to more severe damage and bone loss around the tooth. It is estimated that over 64 […]

Do you clench or grind your teeth?

Teeth grinding is an involuntary movement that can cause negative and destructive effects to the teeth and areas in the mouth. Grinding your teeth generally refers to sliding action of the teeth against each other. Clenching is referred to as a tightly closed biting action with constant pressure. Both have the potential to damage the […]

Healthy Dental Habits for Kids

  Healthy Dental Habits for Kids Ways to encourage your children to take good care of their teeth from the beginning.   Schedule a visit- It is recommended that your child should have their first visit with us at Dr. Anthony’s as soon as their first tooth appears or no later than his or her […]