Relieving Dental Anxiety



Feeling nervous about your upcoming dental appointment?


Here are some tips to help you relax when visiting the office of Leslie B Anthony, DMD

  • Let us know. If you are feeling nervous, anxious, or tense at all please tell Dr. Leslie B. Anthony and or the dental staff. It will help Dr. Anthony and staff adapt to meet your unique needs and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Listen to music or watch TV. Listening to relaxing tunes through headphones while at the dentist can help block out any unwanted sounds as well as lower stress. Bring your favorite relaxing music with you to your next appointment and we will supply the headset.
  • Conscious Sedation. A safe and effective sedative agent Nitrous Oxide aka “laughing gas” is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide inhaled through a small nose mask. This may help you relax and make you more comfortable during certain dental procedures.
  • Comfort. The use of blankets, head pillows and communication through your visit will help you feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • Focus on breathing. Often times when we are nervous, we hold our breath. Focusing on slow, rhythmic breathing helps calm the nervous system, relax the mind, and reduce overall stress.




To find out more information about how we can help you feel more relaxed at your next dental appointment or to schedule your next dental office visit call 406-752-8161


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