Dental X-rays create an image that looks beyond the surface of the teeth and gums. In traditional radiography, an X-ray machine produces a form of radiation in the shape of a beam that is directed to a specific area of the mouth. The beam passes through the body recording an image or your teeth on photographic film that is placed in your mouth. The film then needs to be processed before it is able to be viewed.

Dental technology has improved and allows patients to receive safer and more convenient treatments. Part of that advanced technology is the use of digital X-rays. Digital X-rays allow Dr. Leslie Anthony to simply insert a sensor into your mouth and align the digital X-ray machine with that sensor to capture images of your teeth. The digital sensor has taken the place of traditional photographic film and is connected to a computer. Once the X-ray is taken, the image is immediately displayed onto the screen for Dr. Anthony to view.

X-rays allow Dr. Leslie Anthony the ability to:

  • See between and inside your teeth
  • View the roots of your teeth and soft tissues
  • See the bone underneath your gums and any bone loss that may occur
  • Find cavities, fractures, and infections

How often are X-rays taken?

Dental X-rays are an essential part of your regular scheduled exams and are a valuable diagnostic tool. Everyone’s mouth is unique and has different oral health so Dr. Anthony will recommend an X-ray schedule depending on your individual needs. All new patients receive a comprehensive set of digital X-rays at their first visit.

Types of X-rays

  • Bite wing – Offers a visual of the upper and lower back teeth to determine if decay is present.
  • Periapical – Provides a view of the entire tooth, from exposed crown to the end of the root and the bones that support the tooth.
  • Full Mouth Series – A series of 18 different views, including an x-ray of every tooth in your mouth. Leslie Anthony and her team of hygienists take this series once every 5 years.
  • Panoramic – Offers a view of the teeth, jaw, sinuses, and nasal area

Safety and benefits of digital X-rays

  • Less Radiation – Digital X-rays use up to 80% less radiation than film X-rays, making them safer for patients and staff.
  • Higher quality images – Once the images are taken and appear on the screen, digital X-rays can be enlarged or magnified to better view any areas of concern. They can also be compared side by side to previous X-rays to compare any changes.
  • Immediate image preview and availability meaning shorter appointment times for patients.

Digital dental X-rays are an integral part of regular dental checkups here at the office of Leslie B. Anthony D.M.D. Now that you know more about digital dental X-rays, it’s time to take the next step. To schedule your new patient appointment or your regular checkup, contact us today to set up an appointment. Dr. Leslie Anthony and her team are here to help you feel your best.


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