Leadership Flathead

Leslie B. Anthony, DMD has been accepted into Leadership Flathead for a 2 year term by the Kalispell Chamber


What is Leadership Flathead?


Dr. Anthony as Toothless Tina at the Flathead Leadership Murder Mystery Initial Retreat.

Leadership Flathead is a two-year leadership development program that focuses on effective leadership, skill building, and community awareness in the Flathead valley.

First year of the program

Dr. Anthony and fellow participants learn from local leaders and decision makers, tour local businesses, and cultivate their own leadership skills through various activities with the group. She has participated in a developmental retreat and will be attending nine, one day sessions with each one being focused on different aspects of the Flathead community.

Second year of the program

In the second year of the program Dr. Leslie B. Anthony will be using the skills and knowledge gained to help improve this community we all love so much. The second year is all about building stronger relationships within the community. Dr. Anthony will also be assuming a leadership role in a local organization.


For more information regarding Leadership Flathead please visit https://kalispellchamber.com/leadership-flathead/



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